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Trails End – Seaside, OR

We have spent the last several days at Seaside, OR, which is located on the far northwest side of the state.  We are definitly in Lewis & Clark Territory!  We have had kind of a mellow stay the last few days.  Doing a lot of sight seeing and stopping at every Historical Site we could find.  I think our brains are fried. End of the Trail

Terry and I both are such history buffs so this has been a treat.  We have the pleasure of view all these cool sites via paved road but can’t imagine the way Lewis and Clark were traveling.

Terry and I have had honor in being able to see many of the USA large rivers: Mississippi, Missouri, Cumberland, Tennessee, Rio Grand, Arkansas, and the Colorado but we have vote the Columbia River as the prettiest one so far.Columbia River - Hood River

The things you realize when you travel along these rivers are the lives that depend on those rivers.  The logging, energy, food, towns, importing and exporting of goods., such a different world from Colorado.

We took a road trip along the Columbia River Friday to the Harvest Festival in Hood River, OR located right on the Columbia River.  I love to eat Asian Apples and in Colorado they cost over a $100 per apple and here I was able to pick up four for just $2.00, yummy. Terry has eaten so many peaches he is started to turn yellow.

On our way to Hood River for the Harvest Festival we stopped at one of the numerous fish hatcheries they have in WA and OR.  Sure wish Colorado had the in site to have more dams, lakes and hatcheries.  We saw rainbow trout, salmon, and sturgeons being raised in the hatchery.  Was such an educational treat.Rainbow

I would highly recommend ordering the season packets for the Smoked Salmon Chowder.  We ate this during the festival and bought several packets.  So you know what we are having for dinner tonight!

We took a drive along the coast and I swear we have turn into every marina or boat launch for Terry to talk with the locals.  We have met some of the most amazing people.  This day we stopped and visited with a couple who had just come off the Columbia River, right at the mouth of Pacific Ocean.  They had been crab fishing and had caught their limit.  While they cleaned their crabs we talked their ears off.  They gave us one of their daily catch and of course I had to cook it up.  Since there was only one I made crab sandwiches for lunch.Crab cleaning station.

Yummy boiling my crab.The wineries in the northwest are everywhere so of course we had to do some more wine tasting.  We sampled enough wine that, well let’s say we were having a good old time.  You have to love Naked Winery.Naked Winery wine tasting at the Harvest Festival at Hood River, OR

Stayed here a couple more days so I could get caught up on laundry and books.  Yes, I am still working some.  Our fiscal year ends September 30 each year so had to get my taxes off to the account.  This generally is not too hard because of I try and keep my books up to date.  Wrote a couple of blogs for my blog.  Have to love scanners and email, so much work can be done from anywhere.

My Salmon ChowderHad to end our trip here with the making of Salmon Chowder, wow it was yummy.  Used some of our salmon from LaPush, WA.   Have to give the meal a five star rating and plan on serving this dish to the family on Christmas Eve.   We generally have oyster stew but this year Salmon Chowder all the way baby.

Well Back In The RV Again in the morning heading to Florence, OR to see some seals and go rent some dune buggies.

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  1. We are thrilled that you loved our Smoked Salmon Chowder! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! So glad that you took us along on your journey! from the Hood River Harvest Festival

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